G.I. Justice 

What is G.I. Justice?

Civil rights for soldiers and veterans

Near the same time that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was fighting for the dignity of people of color, America’s veterans were being ridiculed, harassed, and assaulted as they returned from a war they didn’t choose to a nation that didn’t want them. For this reason, in 1974, the very first civil rights law to protect veterans was passed, called the Vietnam Veterans Readjustment and Assistance Act, or VEVRAA for short. In the time since, it and other laws protecting our heroes from harassment, bias, and discrimination remain largely unknown, basically unenforced, and clearly ineffective. 

Supporting our troops means leveraging everything in our power to recognize and affirm the value, dignity, and importance of our soldiers and veterans. #GIJustice is a civil rights campaign being lead by Pew Pew HQ, that empowers citizens to advocate for federal and state legislators to strengthen and expand the laws that protect our military communities from bias, harassment, and discrimination.

At, you can learn more and enlist in the struggle. Thank YOU for your service to our soldiers and veterans. 

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Suicide is a social problem, and it will take an entire nation to "change attitudes and eliminate the conditions of oppression... discrimination, and prejudice” that work against the human dignity of those who have defended with their lives the very protections they themselves are denied. 

#GIJustice is a civil rights campaign being lead by Pew Pew HQ, a social enterprise promoting thoughtful conversation about serving God and country. By enlisting in the struggle, you’re agreeing to be kept in the loop by email. Thank YOU for your service to our soldiers and veterans. 

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